How many images will I receive?

You will receive all your best, I hate to take out good shots! But a minimum of 40 images for a Mini session, 60 images for a Families and Lovers session, 90 images for a Big Love session and usually many many more!

Which images are selected?

I give you all your best images, and take out the ones that are out of focus, eyes closed, or too windswept (a little windswept is OK in my books)

Which locations do you shoot at, and is there a travel fee?

Westside and Southside, with no additional charge, there is an additional travel fee for Hana.

What kind of editing do you do?

I color correct all your images and I selectively remove objects from the background, i.e. people on the beach. I do not do additional slimming or major changes. If there is something you want in particular please let me know.

As a general rule additional Photoshop work is billed at $75 per hour.

How soon can I expect my images?

Your online gallery will be available within two weeks, you can download images directly right away using the link in the top right corner! Your USB drive will follow in the mail, but may take around 4 weeks from the time of your online gallery to reach you

Should I book a morning or sunset shoot?

I always recommend morning sessions to families with small children, they are fresher and more alert. Something else to take into account is the the time difference here compared to your hometown.

Morning sessions will get brighter blues and stronger colors, sunsets have a warmer glow, more romantic softer colors.

What happens if the weather is bad and we can’t shoot?

If there is torrential rain we can try to reschedule or failing that you will get a refund of your deposit. If there is cloud or wind we still shoot (we’re in the tropics folks)

Please bear in mind cloud is often good, softer light and less shadow!

And if you’re lucky light rain = RAINBOWS

What should we wear/ bring?

Wear something you are comfortable in firstly, I love color and accessories. And bring yourselves and lots of love!