Maui Photography Locations

The Best Scenic and Beach Photography in Maui

As an experienced photographer in Maui, I try to take advantage of the best lighting and scenery to capture the most stunning Maui photos.

In addition to great Maui beach photography locations, I also know where to find all the most unique and off the beaten path photography spots on the island. This includes jungle waterfalls, cliffs, and dramatic lava rock. Whatever you are looking to capture, we can work with you and find an amazing view that will be unlike anything you can find.

To get the best out of your Maui photos session, I choose to take pictures either in the early morning light or at sunset time. This provides the most flattering lighting and results in the best photos from your session. If you would like meto take your Maui photos, give me call at 808-298-7086 today or email her at You can also book your own photo time here.

Take a look below at some of my favorite locations for photos in Maui.


Southside Locations (Kihei / Wailea)
White Rock (Palauea)
You won’t find many tourists on White Rock Beach, also known as Palauea Beach. You will find a beautiful seascape and a long, crescent-shaped stretch of sand. Located on Makena Rd., this lesser-known gem of a beach has everything a Maui photographer needs, to capture stunning images, including fine sand, tall palm trees, lava rock formations, and relatively few people. A recessed bay provides ample protection from the wind, making it easy for Hawaii portrait photographers to carry out fun shoots. Hands down, my favorite beach for mornings on the Southside.

Known for its long and wide stretch of sand, Maluaka beach  (Turtle Town) offers a stunning vista for photographers in Maui. Depending on the light, the sand can appear golden or white. There are also a few grassy areas that help break up the landscape and cliffs you can stand on which offer visual interest. With such a gorgeous view, Maluaka Beach is my favorite beach for sunsets on the Southside.
Westside Locations (Lahaina/ Ka’anapali/ Kapalua)
DT Flemings (Honokahua)
My favorite location for longer family sessions during the morning or sunset hours, DT Flemings Beach offers a fun, relaxing experience for both kids and grown-ups. Packed with plenty of facilities and a great view, it’s an ideal spot for Maui photography. Crowds flock here on weekends, but it tends to remain quiet the rest of the week. Dramatic cliffs at one end, and dappled light created by the trees for prefect conditions for photographers in Maui, Hawaii. Can be windy.
Ironwoods (Oneloa)
This remote beach is my favorite for sunsets and couples. Few people venture here, which gives the area a quiet, romantic feel and makes it a coveted location among wedding photographers in Maui. Stunning, 20-foot lava rocks jut out of the shoreline at one end, providing a natural backdrop for beautiful shots. Although the beach can get windy, the spectacular landscape and intimate atmosphere make up for any inconvenience. I’ve been a Maui photographer for years, yet I’ve never stopped gathering inspiration from this magnificent landscape.
Kapalua Bay
One of Maui’s most popular beaches, Kapalua features a wide stretch of golden sand that’s perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing. With a beautiful view of Molokai Island and plenty of whale sightings, Kapalua is also a great spot for Maui beach photography.  This beach is great for sunset sessions, for families who’s main focus is getting that epic sunset shot!

Baby Beach
My Favorite beach for mini session mornings, palm trees at one end, the calmest blue water, you can’t go wrong with Baby Beach for a morning photography session.
Special Locations for Photography in Maui
Please inquire for more info about our Maui professional photography services in these off the beaten path locations as the time of day may vary for your shoot.